143 SLIM de LUXE

Panel 143


Price: from 2600 PLN
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Panel 143 2

Cooling capacity: from 2,5kW to 3,6kW
Heating capacity: from 2,9kW to 3,9kW

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Energy class: A++
Noise level: 28~38 dB(A)

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Below we present data for all models of the air conditioner.
Select the appropriate model from the table and check the exact specifications:

Model Cooling Heating Energy class
(cooling / heating)
Noise level Operation temperature range
SEER Capacity
SCOP dB(A) (cooling / heating)
CS-25V3A-Y143 2,6 6.1 2,6 4.0 A++ / A+ 30~38 -15~43 / -15~25
CS-35V3A-Y143 3,6 6.1 3,6 4.0 A++ / A+ 30~40 -15~43 / -15~25

Product description:

The air conditioner with interesting design and high performance. The device of the Premium segment. The unique design combined with modern technology. The indoor unit is only 16 cm deep.  It is an extremely quiet device, making it a popular choice for bedrooms.

Panel 143 agregat

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