Floor Standing

Floor standing
Series: CF ON/OFF


from 8500 PLN

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Cooling capacity: 14,0kW
Heating capacity: 15,6kW

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Energy class: A+
Power: 380V

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Floor standing: ON/OFF
Select the appropriate model from the table and check the exact specifications:

Model Cooling Heating Dimension (WxHxD)
Noise level Rated current (A)
SEER Capacity
SCOP dB(A) (cooling/Heating)
CF-140A6A-E41AF2A 14,0 3.0 / B 15,0 3.0 / C 970x345x1237 57 8

Product description:

Cooling capacity:  14,0kW
Heating capacity:  15,6kW

Air conditioners designed for mounting on the floor. High power and easy to mount. A large range of air flow makes are used in areas with a large space. Dedicated to shops, spacious offices, exhibition halls, Gym, churches, etc.

  • Wide range of applications
    (Production halls, warehouses, gyms,
    library, event tents, churches)
  • Built-in heater
    (supports the quick heating of the room)
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Split type ( outdoor + indoor unit)
  • Wireless controler
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